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Metal Sheet protection film

Product Outline:
Temporary surface protection for metal plate.

Mainly use for the surface protection on metal plate, protects such as
different specification of stainless steel and aluminum alloy polished surface, frosted surface, brushed surface, oxidation polished and colored surface, and different types of metal coated surface, such as the colored steel plate, colored aluminum composite plate, electrophoresis colored plate from pollution, corrosion, and scratch during the transportation, storage, and moulding process.

Product Specification:
Size:(500 ~ 1600)mm x (500 ~ 1000)m x (0.03 ~ 0.20)mm
[Width x Length x Thickness];
Peeling strength:10 ~ 180g/cm (Depends on customers require)

Transparent, white(creamy), blue, black/white.
Special specification is avaliable upon request.

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