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LCD protective film and the difference between ordinary LCD protective film

Ordinary three-PET protective film to prevent dust and the screen only the role of rupture: a competitive market, there is no ordinary company brand and channel advantages, only by the cost method of compression market will inevitably decrease with the depth of market quality standards .

 To common three-tier market PET protective film as an example: when entering the market just because there is a profit, we all deal with hard surface of the 4H Jiejing high wear protection against scratches Youzhi film, with the intense market competition We have had to reduce costs, lower quality standards passively, to seize market share.

To the present, the market has been very difficult to find to the 4H of the protective film, and basically 2H conventional film. Surface seem the same, but a wipe with rags full of the marks on the liner, it is not in the past 4H scratch resistant film effect; Some even use the poor three-glue film, glue it very difficult to tear the screen down, even if removed to also traces of glue residue on the screen; if paste too long, then will seriously affect corrosion-screen image display.

Brand LCD protection film against electromagnetic radiation: In addition to maintaining the original 4H (surface hardening strength) of high abrasion strength and electrostatic ion-free silicon glue together the functions of the advantages but also through innovative technologies, increase the function of EMI radiation levels (including nano- metal elements, from the conductor role) and Matt deal with anti-glare coating.

The structural level through scientific and rational layout, visual permeability test to 97% of your body and mind in the absence of radiation or exposure to low radiation doses the screen, the eyes will not be long now viewing and operation while burning dry . Customers may request the Purchasing Guide before buying the index test their own needs, to achieve peace of mind enjoyable consumption.

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