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New commercial and residential glass protection film is more secure

You know there is a transparent, almost indestructible, used in glass production, to prevent broken glass, the film? It is ShatterGard glass protection film is widely used around the world, in order to prevent theft, terrorism and natural disasters.

Law enforcement statistics show that 70% of theft are usually started by breaking the glass. Use ShatterGard glass protection film is to improve the performance of windows and glass, the most cost-effective way. In addition, installation of windows can save time ShatterGard unsightly brackets and the drop-down door. In most cases, ShatterGard products can reduce the entrepreneur's insurance costs.

Thieves can break the glass, or a broken glass caused the accident, and even terrorist bomb could blow broken glass. Glass features not only can prevent intruders, better protection of the people around does not hurt to broken glass.

Security Advisor DavidHenderman, currently working in the operational safety of the Atlanta International, said: "I am convinced that this glass is very safe, more than existing types of safety glass credible."

"This is exciting I have seen the safety of products. And the cost is affordable and played."

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