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Special protective film market Apple iPhone4

Apple iPhone 4 in mobile phone sales the first day (online reservations), order quantity more than 600,000, resulting in Apple's iPhone 4 mobile inventory sold out, forced to stop selling. iPhone 4 sale orders for the first day of listing more than last year's iPhone 3GS 10 times; as a huge volume of orders led to the website crashed, many users are unable to provide to the iPhone 4.

    To June 24, Apple fans eagerly look forward to a long time iPhone 4 opened the curtain for sale around the world this week, following the first wave of panic buying after the Japanese launched, iPhone 4 Also in the UK, France, Germany and the United States listed. The new storm has rolled into the iPhone to China, sold in Hong Kong popular, despite the ultra-million price, but sales of the new iPhone is still hot.

    Gorgeous gorgeous phone needs the protection film. BG micro-contact Si protective film products designed specifically for iPhone 4-sided protective film, complete protection of both sides of iPhone's, both before and after.

Substrates imported from Japan, after high-intensity hardened, not only to protect the phone screen is not scratched, and the smooth surface texture, can give the user a comfortable operating experience. And effectively reduce the long-term use touch screen for finger fatigue caused by a sense of the finger and the phone screen double protection.

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