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The biggest advantages of pe film

PE film cover special bulk ethylene (PE) plastic film for the substrate of fat, a pick-linking acrylic resin adhesive to do, and then through several types of agents by farmers and the extraordinary help defeat.

Of capacity hard, Beijing, private detective in need of legal norms , sticky off function good, easily exposing sticky, difficult to peel together Yung, PE protective film of the biggest advantages, combined with the residual gum strip.
PE film cover is a cover of non-minimum strength of the product is produced by agriculture, transport, win, storage war has not kept clean using the-process, corruption, scratched, protect the non-optical Net Mingze appearance, since the amount of the progress of product power quality and market cooperation.
pe film used to maintain areas as above  

No rust steel, aluminum, aluminum open gold profiles, PVC profiles, windows and doors, aluminum panels, fluorocarbon board, mirror board, color steel plate joints and attack the water board, decorated in panels, inorganic glass, PS, PE , PVC board overcast light board (bulk carbonate board), bandits attack the door, the card, coated glass, under the file field with the next file agronomic products, electrical cabinets, computer casings, automotive lamps, day board, with the electric field case, seal the balcony, apparatus instrument, the Beijing safes, and other kinds of areas are required to maintain the product appearance of any use.
1) PE degree of maintenance of thin film: 0.03mm-0.15mm
2) Color: transparent, blue, Ukraine color, milk red, black in color top Ukraine, in particular, whether the basis for the main household set color
3) width: 1650mm outside the degree is less than 1000M
4) stick off force :5-610g / 50mm

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