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Light protection film to become the preferred equipment lights modified fashion

Owners, of course requirements as fashion, personality, avant-garde, with car ownership in China increased year by year, vehicle owners have started to pursue a more personalized decoration.

Lights of a vehicle's "eyes" look at the body plays an important role in decoration.

The passion for conversion of friends have tired of the single transparent white lights, hoping to select the colors and the color of their body. Today, we introduce a light protective film, and share light protective film.
To better understand the light protective film, we are fortunate enough to go to the car clothes engineers understand the concept of light protective film from the aircraft's wing first protective film, high-speed exercise in the outside world on the protection against gravel excellent effect. Car clothes imported from Korea this film can effectively reduce the impact in everyday driving lights are damaged and impact. Car Clothes is a super light protective film of polyurethane elastic material that can be used headlights / rear lights / fog lights, there ash, light black, navy, ruby red and Ying Tsui and yellow five popular colors.

Car headlights to protect clothes change color film is a self-adhesive foil, can be directly pasted in the lights on, protect and coloring decorative role. Is it really the case, we see several sets of vehicle lights to change color film to protect the car, after which the vehicle can effectively prevent the use of dirty water marks, insect and India, car wash scratches and other damage is inevitable in life, after the color change to Body as a whole fashion beauty, full of personality. Car through the foil to color clothes, the product is different from the spray, remove the membrane can recover. This feature has won a lot of car owners.

The rapid development of automobile market, the product also need to keep the rich to meet the growing demand of consumers. To better understand the headlight protection film, we brought the car clothes engineers to tell you about the choice of five colors in how to choose: first, light black and smoke color: multi apply to headlights, showing smoke the effect of smoke; second, navy blue: to have a similar "HID" an optical effect. Lights are not bright, blue sea surface, will be issued when the lights turn on a perfect white, of course, need to achieve this effect for the halogen lamp. Second, the ruby red: in general "altezza" type of tail lights on can have a lasting ruby light; Fourth, Ying Tsui yellow: to send eye-catching bright yellow lamp light, ideal for endurance racing and road race use . Owners according to different needs and preferences to choose.

If you want your lights more beautiful, more personal, then it may be to try to protect color film lights off clothes, and quickly!

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