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Fuji cast about 31 million to expand LCD production line polarizer protective film

According to foreign media reports, Fuji Photo protective film has announced that the Japanese factory will be its investment in additional 40 billion yen for the increase in the three polarizer protective protective film LCD panel production line.

 It is understood that the three lines before the vote in October next year to pay to use.

Fuji protective film analysis, 40-inch and above LCD TV shipments are to increase rate of 30% per year, which undoubtedly will lead to the production of LCD panels, which extend to the polarizer protective protective film LCD panel demand.

Fujiprotective film relevant person in charge, said the new production line is completed, Fuji LCD polarizer protective protective film of the total production capacity will increase 30%, with an annual capacity expected to reach 780 million square meters.

It is understood that Fujitsu can produce 1.5 times the width of the wide conventional protective film products for more than 40-inch LCD TV screen. After the completion of new production lines, annual capacity of Fuji protective film wide upgrade 3.5-fold, to 245 million square meters.

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