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Can mobile phone protection film for spent?

A: Handwritten phone screen film will be a while time spent, I do not know is to protect the film took, or spend a mobile phone screen film.

W: First, determine the protective film certainly took the screen has not spent the time depending on your writing with the strength and abrasion resistance of protective film, protective film you are after tearing the screen with a professional clean look at the screen look cleaner, it can determine the screen it has been scratched.

Phone scratch protection film is replaced, as long as your protective film is without glue, tear off, will not leave adhesive residue on the screen, can be changed easily. If it is protected with plastic film, a little trouble dealing with them must use professional screen cleaning agent or alcohol has melted the glue and then affixed clear protective film. Recommended to choose non-electrostatic adsorption glue, scrape abrasion resistance performance comparison with the protective film to protect.

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