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Laptop LCD protective film on the eye injury of his life?

Q: laptop LCD protective film on the eye injury of his life?

A: The LCD screen protective film, or whether the injury to protect the screen, depending on the quality of the protective film set.

If it is with glue, a protective film transmittance difference, posted up not only affects the screen clearly, increased eye fatigue, and when you want peeled off very difficult, usually glue residue left on the screen, it is very difficult to clear , if the addition goes, scraping with a hard object, most likely to scratch the screen. This protective film is never wise.

High-quality protective film is generally high-clear, non-adhesive composition, electrostatic adsorption principle, can then be posted up part of the screen to help you filter out the glare, making the screen look less dazzling, slow eye fatigue, protect The role of the eye; and its non-glue, you can always peeled off, will not leave any traces on the screen, the screen will not cause any visual impact.

Therefore, the protective film is a computer and the eyes are harmful or beneficial, in fact, can not be generalized, depending on specific circumstances.

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