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PET briefing material protective film

PET protective film material is the most common form of market protection film, in fact, we usually see is the use of a plastic cola bottle PET material, also known as PET bottles. Chemical called polyester film. PET protective film material is characterized by texture rather hard to compare the scratch.

But prolonged use will not turn yellow like PVC material as the oil. but generally rely on PET protective film electrostatic adsorption, and relatively easy to blister and fall off, but even in clear water off in the wash and can be reused. PET protective film material PVC expensive than the price of many.

Many foreign brands mobile phone factory, is configured random PET material protective film, protective film paste material used PET packaging work and more beautiful, have a special model for the heat to customized mobile phones to buy the protective film, can without cutting direct use of well-known brands on the market, some OK8 phone foil products produced by the PET material.

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