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Maintenance and cleaning glasses

The surface of this coated resin lens, resolution and on protect eyes were important features such as blocking harmful UV rays significantly, particularly for Yuanyong glasses where constant wear and often Huo Dong Yu Outdoor, coating Jingpian benefits yes the eyes of ordinary lenses can not be compared.

However, if you do not pay attention to use and maintenance, so that the lens surface of the PE film is corrosion abrasion, with the deepening of various functions and gradually reduce the clarity will affect the wear results. Therefore, resin coated lens care should be given special attention:

      1, coating resin lens touch than high-temperature plan should be avoided, it must also avoid the fumes and other corrosive acids, such as not wearing glasses in daily life the best cook, especially in poorly ventilated fumes large; the same time can not wear ( band) mirror into the (near) hot water shower environment, usually the lens convex temporary placement should be up, when carry the glasses into the box, it should not put in the pocket or Guabao, so easy to make films abrasion;

      Second, coating film easily dirty, and difficult to wipe, as often with ordinary cloth wipe lightly, because fiber is more coarse, may soon make the lens surface of the mesh injuries. The easiest way is to cold water washing right: the glasses with water shower, the hand holding the frame edges or pinching beams Department, with the other hand thumb and index finger coat clean alkaline soap or detergent, paste knead gently wash both sides of the lens, and then rinse thoroughly with water, then cotton towel or paper towels can absorb water net (Kneading moderate intensity should be soft, thick skin because some staff or hand mirror stained more coarse dust particles are not rinse too vigorously will also rubs the lens) this lens can be very easy to wash clean and safe. Usually at inconvenient to wash or lens is not dirty, we should just wipe with a special lens cleaning cloth or lens paper appropriately. Correct use and maintenance, long lenses can maintain a good condition so that your eyes at any time in the best "protection".

★ What should be noted that use of glasses

      Can not just wear other people's glasses
Glasses lenses each degree, the two lens optical center distance between the mirror leg length, height is not the same as nose pads, so we can not simply take someone else's spectacles.

      Frame can not be forced distortion
Abstract with one hand, wearing glasses, the frames can be caused by Shouli Bu glasses are deformed, so Abstract, wear glasses, be sure to use both hands. Glasses should always check whether the screws loose and frame distortion. If it is found loose screws to tighten in time, so as not to break off the lens.
      Frame can not be too loose or too tight
Optical distance between the two mirror legs, mirror curvature to the right leg, wearing glasses can not be too loose or too tight. Eyes are on the lens to the optical center, or will cause the prism effect, people appear visual distortion, dizziness, blurred vision, eye soreness, fatigue symptoms, even squint.

     Do not participate in strenuous exercise
Vigorous exercise may be crashing because the glasses, causing eye damage.

     ★ glasses how to maintain
Glasses to be properly placed
○ glasses off, the child should be placed away from the place, so that glasses are broke or harm the child.
○ In the bath, sauna or swimming, should take good care of glasses, to avoid gas or water on the glasses of water caused by corrosion against.
○ If we glasses on the table, do not make contacts with the desktop convex lens, so as not to be worn mirror.
○ Do not put glasses places where direct sunlight or heating pack on frames to prevent distortion, fade.
○ avoid reading glasses places away from direct sunlight to prevent the lens of the condenser as the role of fire.
○ longer period of time when not in use glasses, it should be saved into the mirror box.

       Cleaning the lens to correct
○ glasses glasses should be cleaned regularly, so that it remains a good definition.
○ If the light pollution, with a soft tissue or lens cleaning cloth can be.
○ lenses difficult to erase the dirt-stained, you should rinse with water; if contaminated with oil, use detergent behind the decontamination and clean with water and then used a soft tissue or eyeglasses cloth. Never scrape with a sharp hard object tick.
○ clean glasses, be sure to use clean special lens cleaning cloth, action should be gentle. In the clean mirror, it is best to live with one hand frames of the nose bridge, one hand gently wipe the lens body.
○ There are a lot of glasses Center ultrasonic cleaning glasses launch services, is the glasses into the lens with the water and ultrasonic washing apparatus, the adoption of the role of ultrasound, the dirt removal, 5 minutes to wash.

     Frame maintenance of a stress
○ glasses should be avoided contacts with the organic solvent, to avoid heat source close to the Department and the fire.

○ In order to prevent corrosion of metal eyeglass frames and premature fading, not to make contact with spectacles acid, alkali and corrosive gas. Human sweat has some corrosion, so frames will not stained with sweat. Beauty products, insect repellent, medicines, paints and other materials containing chemical components will fade frames or deformation, if the glasses coated with these items should be promptly cleaned.

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