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Two methods post your PSP protective film

SONY PSP is a handheld game developed, you can play games (rubbish), watch movies, read e-books, music, Internet, GPS positioning (......), do not need me to say this.

I was like to play games, coupled with its high cost, so they cheaper in the years to grasp the precise timing into the station. but found a more difficult problem is how to paste the screen protective  film. "theoretically" stickers screen protective film When the dust is not allowed to have the slightest, because dust prone to bubble, bubble refraction Nongbu Hao allows you to not see the screen.

Then posted a bad piece of protection film has become a thing. that is a problem foil stickers mainly due to foil the paste difficult to do when the screen spotless and very difficult to control the location of foil stickers. you not worthwhile for such a small protection film went to clean a large food company called on a lot of assistant plant that the forceps in the shadowless lamp to operate. In fact, some methods can be posted very good.

    Prior to first talk about the structure under the foil it, a lot of foil is three, and really want to paste in the middle of that layer, the other two are foil protective protection film, remove the first layer below when used in ensuring screen of dust with the naked eye can not see where to paste it, and finally thrown off the layer of protective protection film.

    1. Dry paste method: That was a technique that live together, and now most of the video store veterans in this way. Is stuck directly, before they are posted in strong fluorescent lights (General Showcase lights on is enough) under the PSP screen with a tiger skin surface clean and dust blowing, and then follow the instructions carefully to foil the paste up, but they posted the fast and accurate, for this, rookie probably can not, I do not want on their own to foil the They come complete. would like to own can be posted and then look down their dry paste, at least to prepare velvet, leather tiger. the environment must be spacious and bright, the best place is the little dust, if you can be very difficult create their own, given the network the program is "just showered in the bathroom," this pretty good, at least not flying dust.

I would also like to spoof some ways, for example, put in the PSP platform above the fan, Open 3 files (summer means ~~~~ take a cardboard box large enough to clean the inside, upside down to dry, and then when the foil inside the PSP into operation. (This is a very stupid way When I did not speak!) get back to really get to the foil when the screen should be cleaned with a cloth, not too hard, PSP's screen is actually very "Jingui", and when I had bought PSP Crystal Shell did not foil to play at home a little, the results came out a lot of small scratches, then I paste with dry toilet paper when wiping the screen with a brand name, the result seems more a scratch.

Flannel If not, can also be used wiping cloth instead of glasses. in the bathroom (no dust other parts of lines) follow the instructions to clean the foil after the first protective protection film to remove the bottom, then a corner of the foil on the PSP on their designated point The best collaboration of two people to complete (provided that you bath a ~_~), two fingers in ensuring a clean and dry case of a fixed position for a person responsible for a fixed machine and immediately clean up dust, there can be balled to stick clear plastic dust can also use the hair dryer to blow off the dust. posted at all finished, the upper foil can be peeled off.

    2. Drainage Law: First of all, this is not chemistry experiment. Here is the layer of water for isolation screen to paste up the way, this method has the advantage of a good after having posted almost no air bubbles and dust, is suitable for novices, but also very simple .

To prepare a few drops of water and some lubricant to move the foil. practice is to first drop the PSP's screen, a few drops of water (note, a "few drops"), after dropping a few drops of lubricant mixing on-line The program mostly with detergent, if fear is the basic stuff on the screen poisonous, recommended neutral glycerin and the like material, then follow the instructions to the protection film paste, the lubricant under the foil mobile but their the desired direction, and finally what the card gently scraped off the water on OK.

    Summary: It appears also that the second method is right? I recommend using the second method, because the latter on the PSP screen that Jingui little damage, the operation is also convenient. In addition to PSP foil, this method is also applicable for mobile phones, MP3 and other electronic products foil, but regardless of why the foil, depending on the nature of the protective protection film that some may repeatedly cleaning the bathroom, and some do not.

I bought dozens of dollars in the original foil stickers membrane, affixed to a bad or even torn off rinse water to paste a few gray.

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