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The good in using the protection film

The World Health Organization report, prolonged use of computers are easy to get the computer disease, resulting in dizziness, headache, fatigue, insomnia or nightmares, memory loss, depression, and even the deterioration of immunity, which the culprit is the computer radiation.

Stop computer radiation, protect eyesight and body, the traditional shield bezel, the relatively high cost, complicated operation, modern anti-radiation glass foil cheap and can be attached directly to the computer screen, different levels of price comparison, glass paste radiation membrane is always better than the traditional shield, glass, foil shield to replace the traditional trend. 

According to the National Electronics Industries Association latest statistics, China's current computer penetration reached 26% or more, equivalent to 338 million units, then the film to the glass for the computer market, radiation protection film, which is equivalent to 20 billion market value of reserves.

Radiation affects the human nervous system, long-term radiation cause people headaches, insomnia, dreams, hair loss, memory loss and other symptoms; will harm the skin, eyes, endocrine system, reproductive system, nervous system and even lead to leukemia, cataracts and cancer. Radiation hazards to women and children is particularly serious.

As the physiological reasons women often use a computer can cause infertility, facial hygiene spot, abortion, fetal malformation. Physical development of children at the time, children easily lead to retinal radiation damage, vision loss, memory loss and abnormal mental development, children with leukemia, a serious threat to children's normal growth and development.

Foil after the benefits:

First, the laptop screen can enhance the visual effect, become a beautiful screen effect.

Second, can enhance the laptop screen scratch resistance, such as a hard object like nails plan is not bad.

Third, easy to clean up the screen.

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