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Laptop protective film foil Tutorial

      First thoroughly clean your LCD screen protective film, be sure to be spotless.
      To achieve the effect of thoroughly cleaning the screen cleaning solution is essential. Spray appropriate amount in the middle of the screen. Then 3M magic cloth screen. Magic cloth cleaning effect is not blowing, look clean enough to illuminate the shadows. Can begin to clean the paste. Brilliant film, when the factory is a three-tier structure in the middle are genuine, each side with a plastic membrane protective film effects. 

      Have labels on both sides of the protective film, one was labeled "positive." This one is to paste up towards LCD screen, and another was labeled "negative." The face of people. Do not have made a mistake.
      The entire process, try not to touch the beautiful hand-membrane side of the screen body Korea! Though electrostatic adsorption, but it is not so good you think! Do not look at it without any glue, the viscosity is very strong, and basically see what what sticky. . . So, do not touch!
      The film "positive" carefully tear the plastic protective film of some. Be careful not to tear up all at once. If all the tears so bright film of dust on all stains on the body. And a large sheet carried by the wind, do not care to stick to the person up, up! So first tear some, stick to the screen, then paste a little bit torn.
      Explain so much, to the real operation to above. After tearing a part of, the beautiful film a screen affixed to one end, noticed it? To horizontally affixed. And the two corners of the screen to align the corners, then a flat bottom must be affixed. If these two are done, you can guarantee that the process behind the sticking can be accurate, or else, it is easy to paste it into half only to find a little askew, and then to correct that time is not easy to friends.
Note that the operator's hand. Hands thumb and forefinger grasp the beautiful film, after the index finger to rely on a number, the location is brilliant grasp not stripping out part of the film. Meanwhile, the positive protective film back curly, so take a very steady hand gestures, another brilliant film will not touch the surface with static electricity. If you have friends to help if trouble he can not focus on the middle part down by press, paste the screen up.
Alignment of the future, do not soft-hearted, with a card, slightly thicker in the bank card and the like, with a point force, by scraping and by the way, the beautiful film formation to attach to the LCD screen up. Card because it has a flat side, fingers more than a round to avoid bubbles.
Remember to paste a side Oh, this operation easier, and slowly down the paste can be guaranteed not skewed.

 Consolidation of a bottom, you can scratch card homeopathic down, while holding down the front drag down the plastic protective film, so peeling the protective film on one side, while the film paste up the screen. This way is not easy to fall into the dust. If you grab hard enough, or too quickly, forming bubbles, then put a little film opened, well off the bubble and then re-posted. If you open a lot, it is bound to be difficult to avoid the entry of dust, so do not scrape the time too fast, slow, even with the bubble can also stop in time to rework.

Meticulously carried out it, the middle section is better Gaode this, note that bubbles can not be left behind. If you really have a bubble up a little off on the time exposed. If you have a dust bubble was more trouble, exposing up a bit, with a knife to scrape off the dust from the brilliant film, be sure to be careful Oh. . . If you get it working this dust, we try not to do more things, the more engaged, more dust into the results become.

Close to the edge of the place, as beautiful film size is accurate, it is possible there are point card with the screen borders, at this stage not to multiple, large and considerate to four weeks after a good hard look under tight can be. Grab time to use a point force, but also to maintain a horizontal line to promote, go hand in hand to ensure that bubbles can not afford.

After four weeks are put down, check carefully there is no irregularity of the site to shave. If not, can be peeled back the protective film has. After the protective film is not stripped to vigorously scratch card use bright film friends. Too vigorously scratch, will leave a trace of a trace of the scratches. Stir with a knife on the back of the protective film. Carefully and not be provoked even beautiful film came together. After stirring up to seize on the hands, tear up.

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