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TPU keyboard protective film is made or silicone

TPU keyboard protective film is made or silicone, but recommended to choose TPU materials, feel and transparency significantly better than silicone, and it is not easy to deformation, is relatively thin.

Now there are materials containing silver ions TPU protective layer resistant to microbial growth. Proposed purchase to try it with the actual machine, notebook in order to save costs a lot of the same models are used to the keyboard, but the big difference between shell C surface, easily lead to the corresponding keyboard membrane keyboard, but can not be a good match with the C face serious impact feel.

With a membrane keyboard for notebook models often marked only reference to that section when the notebook's keyboard type, rather than a real notebook models.

Keyboard protective film mainly yes yes dustproof and waterproof, it can prevent the words are worn away on the keyboard, laptop more compact structure, is what the board and other important components, once the water or something into, may directly cause the computer to fail.

Moreover, membrane keyboard with antiseptic about the human body protection is great. In fact, the keyboard is dirty, bacteria are many.

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