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Desktop anti-reflective LCD Screen Protection Film Introduction

Desktop anti-reflective LCD screen protective film electrostatic adsorption, no other viscous substance; Please try to avoid using sharp objects, scratch protector; make sure that the paste before the LCD screen protection film cleaning; Do not fold the LCD protector or distortion caused by creases or distortion caused no adhesion formation.

Market is filled with many kinds of LCD protection film material, which by the way made of electrostatic adsorption (adhesive type), once the time after a long time when you want to remove it you will find a thick layer of glue residue on the screen of your host, to he cleaned is not an easy thing, sometimes even accidentally will hurt the screen.

Poor quality LCD screen protective film paste, there will be a lot of bubbles, directly affect your vision. And abrasion resistance is not high, LCD protective film of the use of time is very short. Poor light transmittance of liquid crystal protective film will damage the eyes, some experts say that under normal circumstances the computer screen itself had very low light intensity, paste, liquid crystal layer of protective film will increase eye fatigue, over time, it is easy to eye hazard.

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