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New Apple laptop special keyboard protective film


- High-precision forming one; 100% fit in: MacBook466 467 pure silver notebooks

- From durable, non-toxic materials engineering grade silicone protective film
- Thickness of only 0.1mm
- No impact of high permeability through the keypad backlight
- Fully washable (mild detergent)


Using the latest materials (silicone material), 100% tailor-made according to this series of keyboards, this keyboard protective film to use a very simple, as long as the protective film completely covered in your notebook can be, it can prevent dust, debris into the notebook keyboard, or even accidentally spilled coffee cup, it might make your laptop near misses, to avoid unnecessary losses. Cikuan new generation of laptop keyboard protective film is different from the other foil! Directly placed on the use of cover up! No adhesive! Without double-sided glue.


1. Anti-smoking hot good use of a family can rest assured that their beloved bold books do not care if the cigarette fell short film protection product can withstand the damage cigarettes and the product from damage.

2. Soft high flexibility, ultra-thin full transparency, excellent touch;

3. Easy to use, the keyboard surface tightly, does not affect any keyboard;

4. Waterproof, no longer have to worry about water, cola, fruit juice, coffee and other liquids away from the expense of the computer keyboard;

5. Dustproof against dirt, to avoid dust, ash, biscuit crumbs fall into the keyboard, etc. affect the keyboard life;

6. Easy to clean, wash you can ensure that you have a new and sanitary keyboard.

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