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What is car finish protective film?

Paint protection film is to block the outside world against, to keep paint luster and color. Waxing and sealing the glaze is the most common paint curing method, they use the polishing machine to wax or enamel by coating method in the paint surface form a layer of film to achieve the finish light effect.

But both the raw materials contain petroleum components, its easy to acidification, oxidation, over time will adsorb the stain formed oxide film on the paint surface caused by erosion, but also with the same acidic paint the formation of "oxidized resonance" to finish feeling rough, glossy dark. Period of time to maintain the original luster, we must once again grinding to remove the surface oxide layer, repeated grinding will finish becomes increasingly weak, the end result can only be repainted.

Out what kinds of paint to protect the product itself is not oxidized then? From the U.S. Jushi and elsewhere understand that the professional shop, the most widely used is the species called "coating" of paint protection film products. With wax and car enamel biggest difference is the materials used are inorganic, non-oil components, so will not be oxidized on the paint without any side effects.

Construction of the sponge in the car paint for painting, so that coating product penetration into the paint layers, filling all the paint hole, and finish close together and form a protective film layer, will finish with the outside world against completely separated from the basically to enhance the finish hardness, to prevent acid corrosion, durable to keep paint bright effect. Due to its chemical stability, under normal circumstances, protection can last 2-3 years.does not contain petroleum compounds; Second, we must reach a certain expiration date, the general coating products on the paint protection of aging in two years, high-quality coating products can reach 3 years.

Not meet these two criteria coating product is in fact true identity of the only car wax or car enamel.

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