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Profiles based on plastic film protective film or plastic composite materials for the substrate

Profile protective film is a plastic film or plastic composite materials for the substrate, one side coated with low-viscosity pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet made after the cut made by the sub.

Affixed to the surface profile, can effectively prevent the surface of the extrusion profile, transport, into a window, the installation process suffered scratches or contamination. It appears to the profile of production, assembly windows, and construction unit brought great convenience. As the profile is a relatively new type of protective film products, there are no national or industry standards. The quality of the product testing, evaluation and no unified technical indicators. This protective film in the choice of when to use certain difficulties to the user. Many manufacturers in the course profile had some problems, the paper on these issues to discuss with you.

1, debonding
Phenomenon: the protective film removed from the surface profile after a rubber track left in the profile surface.

The main reason for this phenomenon is to protect the quality of film itself. First, pressure-sensitive adhesive protective film used for non-conformity. In the formula, process not meet the technical requirements in implementation. Peel strength greater than its cohesion; second protective film substrate used in the corona intensity below standard. General substrate surface tension between the requirements in 3840dyn.

If too little, it will make the peeling protective film adhesive force than cause unglued. In the event of such problems, the proposed sections deal with manufacturers as follows: with a clean cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of organic solvent such as ethanol, acetate, toluene, etc. can wipe. This sometimes creates a problem, is that when using solvents to clean surface finish after the profiles are subject to certain damage remedy: a soft, dry cloth can be rubbed several times over, restore finish.

Second, plastering is not strong
Phenomenon: Extrusion foil, the foil is not strong, in transport, easy to peel into the window of the process, no protection. There are several reasons for this phenomenon can cause:
1, profile extrusion after the foil before the surface is not clean, if moisture and dust. Improvement: Profiles from the cooling module out of shape as far as possible the surface water after drying, not too much attention to dust in the workshop, tractor track to keep clean.
2, foil machine is not enough pressure, or the structure is irrational. Solution: an appropriate foil to increase the pressure; use special foil machine.
3, protective film stickiness.
4, protective film substrate used in the tensile stress is too small, easy to deform, or foil plane movement of the rotating parts, the process of membrane in sticking too large deformation under tension. Affixed to the surface profile, due to the tensile stress produced by the membrane retraction. This retraction force than peeling, the film will automatically stripped. In view of this larger force would be able to stretch BOPP, PET or composite protective film; addition to regularly lubricate foil machine moving parts to make it flexible rotation.

Third, both ends of the tilt
This phenomenon occurs in most of the profiles posted on the aluminum foil film. Mainly at both ends of the protective film for the profile tilt. The main reason is: the process of aluminum foil in the composite film, BOPP and PET layer of tension inconsistent, BOPP layer of tension is too large, complex is completed, because the reasons for tension and temperature changes, so BOPP layer retraction, leading to tilt. Higher ambient temperature, wind and sand large areas is not recommended to use this film.
4, uncovers the difficulties or no down mortgage
Phenomenon: when the doors and windows after installation, Peel back protective film and found film not down or stripped mortgage difficulties.

There are two reasons: First, pressure-sensitive adhesive protective film used in inferior quality. Protective film is a special pressure-sensitive adhesive used in pressure-sensitive adhesive, the product surface can peel force appropriate to make protective film that is easy to sticking it easy to strip. But many manufacturers do not master the production of pressure-sensitive adhesive technology, but on the ordinary adhesive tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive made some improvements, or even improve on the protective film for the production.

Certainly lead to disastrous consequences. Another point, doors and windows after installation in the outdoor ultraviolet radiation in sunlight too long, protective film substrate to aging, the intensity decreased easy to tear, can also cause this phenomenon. Therefore, the proposed construction of housing units will be renovated after the protective film removed promptly.

5, leaving the surface protective film profiles the word mark
General performance in two situations: First, black writing surface profile; Second, writing the word for the protection of the color film. In the first case, there have been articles in many journals. Majority view is that this is a chemical change. The chemical reaction to take place to meet certain conditions: moisture, visible light, unstable TiO2. If that happens, the proposed replacement of protective film variety or use opacity color good PE film, aluminum foil film.

For the second case can be sure that the protection of the migration of the ink film. As the inner composite layer protective film occurs during the breakdown in the corona. After the coated plastic affixed to the surface profile over time would be through the composite layer Ink, moved to profile the surface layer, resulting in profiles on the printed writing. In order to verify this phenomenon, I have done several tests, select a different manufacturer's profile, protective film (the same phenomenon occurred in printing a number of samples) for matching test, the ultraviolet light irradiation on the 250W 8 hours, did not find Print phenomenon.

Later analysis of the test conditions when the foil is different from the production process, and the user printing behavior reflected in relatively fixed over one or several units out of the device, not common. Printing may be issued by the phenomenon of profile extrusion process conditions has a lot. This issue has not yet found an ideal solution. In this case, it is recommended to use PE-color film, aluminum foil film.

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