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Custom personalized fashion laptop case protective film

"Notebook color stickers use special imported PVC material Protection film, the moderate softness, abrasion resistance can be ruled out as possible folds arising paste, bubbles, etc., to facilitate users to easily paste.

Similarly, the specific viscosity not only good Paste in the notebook lid shell surface, except when they are very convenient and will not leave any glue stains. color stickers scratch scratch, can effectively protect notebook case from scratch, but also has waterproof function. "

Now on the market custom personalized fashion laptop case to protect the type of film: light type, scrub type, leather patches, Star, Magic type, through the color type.

Light-type Description: transparent smooth without any lines, transparent and clear up to 100% of the film. Can improve the brightness of images, with a gloss. Smooth feel.

Scrub type Description: This film surface and with a dim sense of transparency, and have matte touch. Naked-eye visibility, it will show a slight sense of grinding grain, the touch will be felt when the subtle matte texture. Make picture clearer. (This film is more susceptible to the majority of consumers) leather grain Description: groove-like surface of fine lines, lines of trees cortex approximate sense, make color paste grade increase, excellent texture. Cortex appear realistic texture, ultra-perfect imitation of the visual cortex.

Star Magic Type Description: There is a subtle touch of frosted hand feeling, in the light, showing a little bit like a magical little star. A shiny feel.

Through color-type Description: do not want to cover books for primary colors based on your books icing on the cake. Environmental non-toxic raw materials and imported materials. Superior craftsmanship, finished foil is translucent, you can see the original background. Series of patterns for white and white, pink, blue, red and other colored notebook shell to use. Frosted, highlighted, leather pattern, star can make magic!

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