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The difference between import protection film and export protective film

Protective film is only in recent years, new industries starting to know the time in 98 years, many people do not know why for so many things have protective film, or even do not know why this protective film can be used not say.

But with the economic development of all sectors of the increasingly stringent requirements of their products, so the protective film in this area, also more and more people realize that the past is to develop the industry.

Most were also initially used in foreign countries from packaging products, then that is beginning to follow their own, Consequently, the team also getting larger. More and more people are aware of the additional price of packaging products is not very high but can be used to increase the main product of worth, you know, protective film to prevent the product during processing or during transport to be scratched was worn. Although the protective film products are labeled, but not lose the original gloss, this is the need to require the production of a high-tech protective film manufacturers. But often the facts are: less than imported translucent film made, stability has also been the gap.

Domestic films and imported films the main difference between the following points:

1. The production of technical content not want to be, so produce is the cleanliness of the film is not the same, the import can be seen on film visual special translucent,

2. In the sense of touch can also import film toughness to better

3. Odor, if the raw materials, glue did not use good, domestic films have very serious odor, because the protective film is the chemical nature of the product, the longer it will smell more serious;

4. Glue on; domestic film in front of the most serious problem is not the most important because of equipment problems, leading to the uneven smear of glue, the glue used if its bad, it would lead to poor quality and unstable , the labeled product may result in degumming, chemical reaction with the product of serious problems, so, the consequences serious.

     So if the product is demanding high-end product, then select the relevant proposal or to prove to the packaging film imports, because if only a desire for short-cheap, leading to post-processing as if the loss outweighs the gain of the rework. Large area for some products need attention, and that large area. The protective film is affixed so easily if the instability problems.

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