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How to distinction between good and bad protection film ?

1, bright surface protection film from a visual point of view the surface is bright, to the best level of optical transmittance (≧ 92%) and low haze (≦ 1%) protective film analysis, the advantage of not affecting the clarity of the screen degree, the industry called the invisible film, but the downside is that whether or not there is always light up the screen more visible reflective images (called parallel physical reflection); such a protective film is mainly used for mobile phones, desktop computer classes; other surface can be made of scratch or not scratch two; structure divided into three layers (top to bottom are to peel off the protective film to use the middle layer) is as follows: 

Supplementary note: many businesses now find that the industry in pursuit of profit maximization, a lot cheaper with inferior materials, the use of light transmission layer poor (≦ 85%), haze large (≧ 1.5%), this type of protective film is not a reflection image problem, more a result of your visual fatigue! 

On the structure may add that the current market, the mainstream use of the total thickness of layers is 130uM thick (often called 0.13MM), because the effect of thick affected the touch, thin the scratch ineffective. Another Japanese protective film to the top of that layer of PE (green or white) for the mainstream, or simply is not that the top layer of two materials; manufacturers in Taiwan and South Korea, three transparent protective film to PET-based; course to where the consumer is expected to hand, we must carefully distinguish between the consumer.

2, AG frosted (glare protective film): From the visual point of view is a rough surface, the basic feeling is not reflective (physically called diffuse reflection), the structure of surface protection film with the same light, the only difference is the use of layers the surface to do AG (roughness), so I will not be directly reflected the strong light. Recognition for the reflection in the interior of its face, can see clearly see the fluorescent light overhead, or attached on the screen after you can find their own image, if the reflective shine out of the lamp is very vague or do not see to their own image, then the explanation is frosted material, this material is basically scratch type. Mainly used in GPS, digital cameras and other outdoor-type products to the outdoor environment than the light can be seen in the display; downside is that the fog-degree, giving a hazy feeling, not clear enough.

3, AR / LR anti-reflective / low-reflection (Moisturizing Eye protection film): From the visual point of view similar to the bright surface protective film, but in fact this material focused on the bright glare protective film surface and the different advantages. Its surface is bright side, this ensures that the screen is very clear when, other Yinqi surface coating is a multi-special metal materials have absorption spectra of different functions, making it with very low reflectivity So do not feel the use of clear reflective images with higher brightness in the outdoor environment can be seen more clearly. More importantly, the soft light of its reflection, so Run-eye effect to the user, especially perennial usually work in front of the computer user is very useful.

In the case of other mobile phone users, the phone can be transferred to a lower brightness, the power saving mode can clearly see the screen. Identification method is a computer screen divided into three areas left, right, will be left without protective film or stickers affixed brushed type of protective film, AR film intermediate paste, and paste the right side of ordinary light protective film, the screen lit and not lit two states are shown by comparing three types of protective film effect, you will find frosted material impact because the haze too big visual effects, and general light surface protection film SLR also affected due to strong visual effect, only the middle AR film gives a clear visual softer, so there is a profit, said eye protection film.

Such protective film used in mobile phones, computers, cameras and other kinds of digital products. Its structure and bright surface protective film are similar, but use different coating layer, the current AR film industry and some will take from some angles looks purple or green or blue, of course I would also like to recommend is not colored The AR film. Because it can see the picture more real.

4, mirror protective film: most prominent feature of such a protective film is a strong reflection, which can in the case of the screen is not lit when the mirror use (of course the effect of the glass mirror is considerably higher than the gap), while the screen the case of light can see the screen, but these products use only the ladies of beauty, in fact, it is best posted in the back of the phone. Because the screen mask with the environment or will a larger impact on visual effects, particularly strong in the outdoor light environment is simply not see the screen, and a serious cause eye fatigue. Its structure and bright surface protective film are similar, are three layers, just look very different, looks like a reflective aluminum foil sheets. After the side with a torn plastic to be attached on the surface, both the light transmission but also reflective.

5, anti-peep protection film: such a protective film applied to the first ATM machine, but later extended to the confidentiality of the computer and mobile phone users, the principle is the protection of film processed with a barrier coating layer, so that the can lead from the front can penetrate, light from the side view was blocked. There are four directions and two directions against anti-peep peep. Are attached with glue type, but also to place without glue type, but the protective film to be thicker than normal, not embodied or barrier effect. The advantage that is characteristic, that is able to prevent peep, allowing you to screen in a public place to exclusive content.

But because the characteristics of the structure, resulting in poor light transmission, which means the screen to adjust to the more light will be better quality. Of course, different manufacturers have different materials, the industry's biggest difference is shiny or matte, scratch or scratch resistant, adhesion-based or place-based, anti-peep of bad or good light transmission level, looks thick barrier, or not so obvious. Such materials are mainly used in mobile phones, computers, ATM machines.


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