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The role of custom shell protective film

Well now, notebook cover and wrist rest for both everyday wear and tear of the most vulnerable part of our caring for you to consider the introduction of a new book worship laptop case protective film. To protect against scratches on the casing, oil effect, but the shell can be brightening, enhanced visual effects.

Products for notebook shell affixed to cover the characteristics of the paste can be very good laptop plastic cover and alloy casing, the protective housing was scratched paint from wear and enhance the appearance of Geoffrey visual effects, shell affixed to cover moderate force, but also in the future torn off when not required, is a special case of laptop protective film.

Book worship after laptop case protective film paste, you can give your books to provide complete protection. Cover part, have been very vulnerable to scratches and wear, some friends of the machine on the bag or to wear flowers, and pained terribly, now Well, affix a protective film, no longer worry about wearing the . Paste laptop case protective film after the book worship, will no longer fearful of another!

 Since our products have the characteristics of light and transparent, not only on the machine after paste shell protective effects, but also to foil the site with piano paint-like effect. After we repeated the test, shown to:

* Formation of service posted by the long-term use, does not foam, does not wrinkle.

* Hardness, even with one or two years, the edge will not tilt.

 * Is transparent, elegant appearance.

* Tear up the old film, no glue residue.

 Now marketing a new product to meet consumers fashion, consumers can design their own favorite or memorable photos to customize a cover protective film.


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