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Mobile anti-peep protective film production

In this era of personalization, young people that want superior, to be different! Should not the same phone! In order to meet the individual young people, Zhiyou foil also introduced a DIY mobile anti-peep protective film.

It combines the pursuit of the younger generation of fashion and the combination of practical performance. More and more young people like to play "cool" to play "personality." Protective film on the phone screen is not only required only a simple dust-proof, scratch. They even expect a single product can play a different personality.  For this type of consumer demand, the original anti-reflective film, UV film, mirror film, radiation protection film, protective film against glimpse basis.

DIY mobile phone protection against peep then added a new feature film, including this protective film is not only used in mobile phones. It can also be in Internet cafes, public places, individual families have access to the Internet, computer chat family to provide the information confidential. Use QQ, MSN, SKYPE and other chat tools. Fully shown to play "cool" and "personality" .

DIY Mobile Anti-peep protective film

After the group of 80 very creative, passionate cell phone personalization, on the design of mobile phones is already eager. Even some Web sites to self-design features, not only to design personalized phone line shape, and also has a strong 3D preview feature, you can see in the first effect of their design, customer satisfaction and we have to put into production, total customer role as a designer.

DIY-loving personality and creative groups to display their talent in a broad space, add new ideas to life and rich colors, from life becomes colorful and varied.


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