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LCD protective film of the paste method of

LCD protective film is the current import of brand variety, Trail of the dragon.

Coupled with the consumer protection film on the liquid crystal material of knowledge is not high, there is the kind of material before the soft, seems to PVC or PP or PE and the like, one side adhesive protective film, giving us the feeling that a "bad" word! Such things go very easily lead to a bubble, peel off the glue residue on the screen after, not beauty, it will also hurt the LCD screen.

So wise people have abandoned. Existing Lss shiny LCD protective film material is silicone + PET = ARM, this material is material imported from Japan, China can not be produced at this stage, the quality is good.

To help consumers better understand the material quality problems, the website has a professional knowledge of the protective film products, please visit. Paste the benefits of protective film a lot, mainly to resolve the dust, dirt, anti-fingerprint, to prevent the LCD screen scratching and wear, anti-reflection glare function, the protection of our quality products with the Hong Kong film quality of the first CAPDASE less the same, cheap, cost-effective, we believe that the selective Lss shiny liquid crystal protective film that can make your favorite digital products to the very good protective film, can make your LCD will always show a bright flash flash!


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