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Protective film uncovers the difficulties or no down mortgage solution

Phenomenon: when the doors and windows after installation, Peel back protective film and found film not down or stripped mortgage difficulties.

There are two reasons: first, pressure-sensitive adhesive protective film used in inferior quality. Protective film is a special pressure-sensitive adhesive used in pressure-sensitive adhesive, the product surface can peel force appropriate to make protective film that is easy to sticking it easy to strip.

But many manufacturers do not master the production of pressure-sensitive adhesive technology, but on the ordinary adhesive tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive made some improvements, or even improve on the protective film for the production. Certainly lead to disastrous consequences. Another point, doors and windows after installation in the outdoor ultraviolet radiation in sunlight too long, protective film substrate to aging, the intensity decreased easy to tear, can also cause this phenomenon.

Therefore, the proposed construction of housing units will be renovated after the protective film removed promptly.

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