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How to solve protective film sticking is not strong ?

Phenomenon: Extrusion foil, the foil is not strong, in transport, easy to peel into the window of the process, no protection. There are several reasons for this phenomenon can cause:

1, profile extrusion after the foil before the surface is not clean, if moisture and dust. Improvement: Profiles from the cooling module out of shape as far as possible the surface water after drying, not too much attention to dust in the workshop, tractor track to keep clean.

2, foil machine is not enough pressure, or the structure is irrational. Solution: an appropriate foil to increase the pressure; use special foil machine.

3, protective film stickiness.

4, protective film substrate used in the tensile stress is too small, easy to deform, or foil plane movement of the rotating parts, the process of membrane in sticking too large deformation under tension. Affixed to the surface profile, due to the tensile stress produced by the membrane retraction. This retraction force than peeling, the film will automatically stripped. In view of this larger force would be able to stretch BOPP, PET or composite protective film; addition to regularly lubricate foil machine moving parts to make it flexible rotation.


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