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Protective film of degumming problems and their solutions

Phenomenon: the protective film removed from the surface profile after a rubber track left in the profile surface.

The main reason for this phenomenon is to protect the quality of film itself. First, pressure-sensitive adhesive protective film used for non-conformity. In the formula, process not meet the technical requirements in implementation.

Peel strength greater than its cohesion; second protective film substrate used in the corona intensity below standard. General substrate surface tension between the requirements in 3840dyn. If too small, will make the peeling protective film is greater than adhesion caused by retting.

In the event of such problems, the proposed sections deal with manufacturers as follows: with a clean cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of organic solvent such as ethanol, acetate, toluene, etc. can wipe. This sometimes creates a problem, is that when using solvents to clean surface finish after the profiles are subject to certain damage remedy: a soft, dry cloth can be rubbed several times over, restore finish.



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