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Protective film business thoughts

Within the enterprise as a new force protection film, the surface has been the face of this huge market looks very happy, thinking lightly scored, such as: Foxconn, BYD, IPHONE, NOKIA and other suppliers can sit tight in the home counting money, the contrary, has long been known as spam or defective film market is flooded with famous agent monopoly, we have no advantage ruthlessly blocked suppliers were outside the gate, is very sad. . . . . .

Gradually, the arrival of the financial crisis has changed the concept of many people, changing the part of the large factories of the business idea, my main Korea began high-grade protective film being occupied more and more important in this position, reasonable price of the product waste film and film extrusion Nissan opened a survival path, and now has been a lot of customers very seriously.

As the face of electronics, mobile phones, video materials, optical materials, mainly sold to the market in the event of a small number of changes, the majority of garbage film team is slowly reduced, because the protective film as a surface material, it is protection of the protected surface of the raw product, the value of the object to be protected, compared with only a very small, garbage membrane instability inherent in the supply, quality stability, although cheap, but many people stay away, I have A client recently experienced a painful defeat: Customer is to do notebook keyboard injection molding, and has been subject to a price war because of the impact of the PET used is imported from Japan 6C waste film, first because of this very large cargo market , the price of natural very cheap, is also used to pick and then pick through the fine, then fewer and fewer goods, prices rising, natural selection has no chance to pick out three-four, and just run into supply peak, a one-time they do nearly 2000K, but refuse membrane problem, and generally appears out glue (powder particles were) phenomenon, the basic Quanbu consignment reimbursement, I regret for the guests, and I also for their own pleasure, because this cargo not my business, then customers find me, do not listen to me for advice over the past very much regret.

Now finally become my clients, because "reliable"! As the other extreme of the Japanese protective film, its value can not be compared because the brand has been at least an ordinary Korean film production 5-fold, while the quality Well, tell the truth, in addition to a special part of the film, the really is not much own.

In addition to being labeled a specified customer brand, the other choice would like to find a suitable way, a circle of my friends said protective film is very apt: "What are advantages and disadvantages of protective film is not only suitable and not suitable, stable and unstable ", I have been speaking with clients, the use of different conditions, different surfaces to be treated differently, have been very patient with customers to provide solutions, my principle is that products must undergo rigorous testing, once the results were OK Follow-up supply will certainly be stable, it is this attitude brought me opportunities to bring a friend, business.

Second half of 2009 would be a very delicate six months, lifeless electronic products abroad while at home is very popular, young, 80 have one or two after the mobile phone, a laptop is a piece of cake, plus the government subsidy to stimulate the rural areas, home appliance market, hot, inline protective film has a very broad market, seize the opportunity to make a smart entrepreneur, has always been my goal, I would like my product to me enough confidence to face the future!


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