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What is PE film?

Protective film with polyethylene plastic film substrate to a cross-linked polyacrylate resin adhesive, and then add some special additives, the preparation of commissioning made.

Colorless and transparent glue, soft, sticky properties hold well on a wider scope of use sheet protection, the protection of different surfaces can choose a different tack product model and specifications.

Specifications: customized according to customer
Colour Type: Transparent PE film, cream, PE film, PE film blue, black and white PE film, PE film composite printing; can customized according to customer

Stainless steel plate: mirror plate, grinding plate, color steel plate
Aluminum: Aluminum, coarse grain aluminum, aluminum, matte aluminum, aluminum coating, electrophoresis aluminum, matte aluminum coating, spraying sand profiles, etc.
Building materials: fine grinding plate, coarse grain grinding plate, aluminum panels, ceiling, sanding the ceiling, man-made marble, steel profiles, tile, marble, glass plates, walls, Wallpapers panel, polyester furniture board, spray paint decoration plate , coarse grain polyester furniture board
Electrical and Electronic Materials: Electronic screen surface instrumentation, automotive instrumentation, shell, etc., air conditioning protection of surface and surface of various household appliances, such as titanium metal plate
Plastic sheet: acrylic sheet, PVC light panel, ABS light panels, plastic panels, etc.
Other: clean room dust protective film, dust and other cleaning materials, roller, carpet, etc.


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