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PE film and its role in the classification

Project Film: applies to aluminum, aluminum and other materials in the engineering building renovation and other processing prior to drilling an effective protection.

Characteristics: viscosity, Futie strong, can effectively protect the drilling rig when the grease on the aluminum contamination, and does not have Alice edge phenomenon, it will not affect the appearance of aluminum, can play a very good protection.

Machining Protection

Machining protection: protective film, such as machine cutting in machining, drilling, grooving on, it is well protected aluminum foil is not damaged and the integrity of biphenylene card oily protective film with anti-strength, in machining process is usually severely affected with some oil to foil effect, will result in increased cost of many enterprises. The Yalian brand protection film against the oil properties, good heat resistance, after machining is not Alice side, not degummed, not falling, not distortion. Many of the customer's machine processing to normal operation, and be effectively protected, can reduce costs.

Protective film with polyethylene plastic film substrate to a cross-linked polyacrylate resin adhesive, and then add some special additives, the preparation of commissioning made. Colorless and transparent glue, soft, sticky properties hold well on a wider scope of use sheet protection, the protection of different surfaces can choose a different tack product model and specifications.

Specifications: customized according to customer

Colour Type: Transparent PE film, cream, PE film, PE film blue, black and white PE film, PE film composite printing; can customized according to customer


Stainless steel plate: mirror plate, grinding plate, color steel plate

Aluminum: Aluminum, coarse grain aluminum, aluminum, matte aluminum, aluminum coating, electrophoresis aluminum, matte aluminum coating, spraying sand profiles, etc.

Building materials: fine grinding plate, coarse grain scrub board, aluminum composite panel, ceiling, frosted ceiling, artificial marble, steel profiles, tile, marble, glass plates, walls, Wallpapers panel, polyester furniture board, spray paint decoration plate , coarse grain polyester furniture board

Electrical and Electronic Materials: Electronic screen surface instrumentation, automotive instrumentation, shell, etc., air conditioning protection of surface and surface of various household appliances, such as titanium metal plate

Plastic sheet: acrylic sheet, PVC light panel, ABS light panels, plastic panels, etc.

Other: clean room dust protective film, dust and other cleaning materials, roller, carpet, etc.


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