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Three steps to help you choose good protective film

Smell: Light torn protective film of a side corner of the nose and his nose and smell, if it is colorless and odorless or slight aroma a little note on the electrostatic silicon ions; otherwise pungent smell of note is the chemical glue tin film on the screen posted long time, there will be corrosive.

Look: Good protection film should not be a high brightness of a transparent film, it can be anti-reflective matte film, although the transparent film than the matte film with a higher permeability of 2.5% ~ 3.5, but will increase the reflective glare screen strength thus affecting the health of the eye, especially wearing glasses or outdoor use computers to carefully choose the crowd, but after AG AR anti-reflective matte surface treatment or surface treatment of matte reflective glare film can effectively solve the trouble. We buy film surface when the protective film 2 after tearing a corner of the screen near the closed, protective film, if people like the reflection is clearly visible and transparent membrane, if vaguely fuzzy matte film is likely that AG or AR with AR a kind, true and false both see the outcome.

Rub: a good protective film surface have been 4H (crystal intensity) or 5H (carbon crystal strength) hardened, so that regardless of the work in the daily life experience of how busy or wear of injury, is still bright as new. Wipes with pure device or the surface of the protective film back and forth a little wipe with a point force flew several times you know what type of products he has.

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