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How to paste the least mobile protective film bubble

That is how to foil bubble at least it can be done? Some people recommend a certain thickness of the protective film, 20 yuan each, relatively hard texture, you can easily paste well. However, as posted too tight, for when the film will feel nervous, for fear of scratching the screen.

Of course, many people with the other films, such as explosion-proof film on the car windows, and preservation of film.

I recommend to everyone here is an attached picture tube on the protective film, this film is thin, light transmission is good, not prone to scratches, defects are easily generated when the paste bubbles, very unsightly . So how to improve this weakness?

After several experiments, I finally found a more convenient way and save money. Foil before, the best phone off, then wipe the screen clean, in the center of the screen drop a small drop of pure water, then cut a good protective film is carefully placed, hand slowly away from the middle of painting, gently will drop from around the extrusion, such operations, the result is very satisfactory, almost no air bubbles.

In addition, with a little bit of cling film thickness effects are good, inexpensive and easy to replace. Interested friends to try.
I just posted about, very satisfied.

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