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Protective film of the best paste method

1, environmental selection

First, choose a cleaner environment, it is best indoor four-door closed, do not have air circulation. Otherwise, when the foil, the interference of a deadly dust.

The second is to wash hands, wipe the screen clean, who best not to wear clothes with electrostatic adsorption, who also shot clean and dust to prevent the flow of air dust.

Third, do not move too much when posted, and do not get too excited cause shortness of breath, a word can not disturb the air around

2, protective film paste

Than the first film about the size of the screen and positioning the location of the paste

Posts from the top down can also paste from the bottom up. I was posted from the bottom up.

Bending about the paper under the membrane, so that one side of his film opened, paste it into the targeted location such as bottom of the screen. Must maintain the level of the beginning. Otherwise affixed to the top of the shape. No pull over again.

Then hold down the left hand membrane affixed to the bottom of the screen, right off the film off half of the paper under the grasp in the hand, not all of a sudden all the films peeled off from the paper or you have no place to film a direct grasping grasping grasping film should Indian shot. Film on the screen almost 30 degrees between the state.

In the above state, the left thumb and gradually move up move around, the same as the bulldozers move forward. Protective film to keep the right hand or pulling angle. So to promote the general left, the screen there will be no air bubbles appear, if so, pull the right hand, left hand thumb up again and again until there are no air bubbles.

In the end, because fewer and fewer films on paper left, right hand grasping no longer. This time you will grasp the corner of the first to push the other corner so labeled. Finally left corner of the. You can wire out of paper, and then the corner of his right hand and hold the film (be sure to pay close attention). Still pushing the paste so.

Some people say that it is not to squeeze the last right hand printed on the fingerprint it? Indeed, as it has been in the corner, and it pinched the place is small, so barely visible, so no problem. So, can we not hold of it? It does not work, because the last corner, if not, then grabbed Tuishang Qu, direct a bubble is very likely to leave, that time never posted up the mortgage on it is not very accurate off the. Therefore, when affixed must hold back his right hand, can pull out once again bubble. If you look at opinions on the paste all over.

Online also said that credit card instead of scraping the thumb forward. I also tried this, well, because the card is hard, a blow so easily, leaving a thin film section of the bar. The thumb and can be controlled relatively soft power is the best choice.

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