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How to choose a good protection film ?

First, buy LCD screen protection film for attention:

1, the glue is absolutely free - currently on the market of protective film products mostly made of imitation Japanese materials, the lack of PET synthesis, and only use the glue to combine silicon and PET. When the user use the digital product heat generated will glue in the temperature changed, causing part of the silica gel has begun to drop in the liquid crystal display, is extremely difficult to re-clean, causing damage to LCD screen.

2, anti-reflective design - most have LCD digital products are more in outdoor use, consumers should choose to use the LCD with anti-reflective protective film function, also has a scratch and anti-finger mode is used home must be considered one of the functions.
     Second, understand their needs

LCD protective film currently on the market can be divided into roughly three categories:

[1] anti-reflective film (AG film): apply to all LCD digital products, due to scratch their outstanding popular notebook users welcome, prices are cheaper.

[2] high-permeability membrane (UL film): PET special mirror surface processing, image effects after use to keep the screen bright, clear colors, use the LCD screen is ideal for indoor viewing. But the anti-reflective properties, anti-oil and anti-fingerprint properties of less than anti-reflective film.

[3] Anti-reflective high transparency film (AR film): the market only 92% light transmission rate of both species has both anti-reflection function LCD protective film. Outdoor design especially suitable for low-reflective dark environment, clear and sharp images that can block visible light, ultraviolet radiation field up to 90%, protect the eyes. Drawback is a high technology content for its technology, the cost is very expensive, so currently only used to produce 2.5-inch digital camera less protective film. (This material is unique to the times of material goods)

      Third, consumers spend hundreds of dollars or even several hundred dollars to purchase an LCD protective film, with the purpose to protect the beloved from the destruction of digital products, products which are available both in material quality assurance, the protective film must be correct size and shape, while Japanese-made protective film side bit submissive, does not appear Interface bit. In addition, life expectancy will be longer-lasting protective film.

Fourth, price comparison - believe that all consumers are most concerned about is the price, nearly 100 yuan to buy a film worth it? You will find the prices of different brands can vary greatly, please bear in mind that materials can be very important reasons, different origin and shoddy packaging and cutting techniques will cut crude prices made the difference. To really give you confidence in the product must have all of the above conditions lead to ruined because of some temporary cheap LCD display, it was not worth the candle.

High-quality LCD protector of the basic features:

1. Without glue

Authentic use of PET synthesis LCD protector is made of non-adhesive components on the market are part of the protector is made of imitation materials in Japan and only used glue to combine silicon and PET and PET does not use synthesis technology. The results using the passage of time, digital products, heat the glue to make a difference in temperature, some silicone left in the LCD surface becomes very difficult to remove.

2. Anti-reflective design

With LCD digital products such as digital cameras, PDA & from = forum7 "target = _blank> PDA, DV, etc. often in outdoor use, we should choose to use with anti-reflective function LCD protector. In addition, the scratch and anti-finger capacity is also one of the places we have to pay attention.

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