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Laptop case is a protective film texture

1. Fashion laptop case color paste it popular with foreign high-fidelity printing, printing color more than the conventional five-color printing,
  And all color separations and color are involved in neutral equilibrium theory, in addition, foil surface effect also did striae treatment
  So while the picture effect realistic texture Protection film. But also has anti-UV, anti-friction, water resistance to scratching, fidelity and strong special
  Point in the simulation environment, the surface color of up to several years;
2. The product is imported PVC material processing, surface scratch treatment, the surface of the protective shell to prevent shell scratches,
  Enhance the role of visual effects, while not easy to produce bubbles attached, widely used in notebook computers and other electronic products
  Products such as plastic and metal case;
3. With automatic adsorption, removal of convenience no trace, no glue, can be replaced with feelings of freedom.

(2). Usage:
1. With a professional cleaning solution and clean cloth to clean cover panel;
2. Carefully opened a film from the backing paper, note that only tear a small hole;
3. To tear the place before a paste, then gradually the side with a clean cloth, while the end paper torn;
4. Fast skin has time to fully pull film, until all the film and the computer completely fit up;
5. With a knife cut to the extra protective film;
6. Posted good, it will wipe clean surface, you can enjoy satisfactory results.

(3). Note
1. Shell affixed with PVC material, waterproof, anti-static, dust-proof, suitable for <50 ° of environments;
2. Fit the time try not to produce bubbles, if bubbles can be re-ripped fit;
3. Proposed to re-fit the number of not more than 10 times, more than 10 times since to replace;
4. In cutting corners when you try to wipe into the corner to prevent the protective film in the course of the corner tilt;
5. Shell paste at room temperature under normal use for 12 months after the change, you can repeat the paste used 10 times.


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