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To wear the protective film to buy select cell phone three indicators to be spotted

Purchase options: three indicators to be spotted

Phone protection film, although not very mainstream products, but early PVC, recent PET PVC to the latest technology, materials technology has evolved three generations. The average consumer, these rather technical terms does not require a professional strong mind, but the product characteristics is that we need to be carefully distinguished in order to avoid buying outdated products.

Overall, a good cell phone protection film to achieve three targets: one good scratch resistance; second is sufficient light transmission, put up a film to be able to look at mobile phone screen; third is to facilitate the adhesion will be very easy to fall off the screen from the phone, but if the adhesion is too strong, will be formed in time to replace the clear impression, the aesthetic impact of mobile phone screen.

Currently, PET protective film technology, the use of mobile phones the best, suggest that you preferred. The resolution is the PET material or a PVC protective film material is not difficult: the early thick PVC film, PVC film recently been thin though a lot, but the glue will be clear after the screen-prints; and mobile PET material protective film generally with the effect of electrostatic adsorption, adhesion will not be noticeable mark.
Actual foil: bold but cautious is you

As the mobile phone screen is relatively small in size, so paste the protective film or take some skill, it will be very vulnerable to bubbles and affect normal use.

In short, paste can be divided into three steps to protect the film:

The first step in paste until paste the screen, the user must first complete wipe the screen clean, and suggest that you use a professional lens cloth to wipe. If not, clean cloth or special glasses to wipe the LCD monitor 3M magic cloth will do.

The second step, paste the screen gently with the bottom membrane, approximately one-half or one third of the pull length, targeting the top of the screen phone, hands moving their top-down along screen affixed stickers. While in the paste, hands quickly to pull the end of film.

The third step, paste finished, carefully check for dander, or air bubbles. If just a few small air bubbles to the edge of the screen with your fingers can squeeze; if more large bubbles, it is recommended eternal protective film to repost it.


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