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Installation and operation of protection film machine

1, open the outer packaging, remove the protective film packaging, laminating machine level will be fixed in the desired position, (strongly requested laminating machine equipment placed in the clean room inside) regulation "cup feet" to adjust the balance of laminating machine .

2, installed top mounted film holder, with a clean rag and peripheral equipment and conveyor roller and the platform handling open net.


3, check the "direction Select" switch is in the "off" position, if not in this position please turn it in this location.

4, the "plug" plug into 220V power outlet, will "suspend switch" open to "-" spin "speed knob" to 2 to 3 scale of the position, rotation "direction select" switch to " Shun ", manual / automatic switch to the" automatic ", the feed motor starts to run, and then rotate" speed knob "to 7 to 8 scale or maximum, this time running faster to this step was the newly installed laminating machine debugging normal, can be a normal laminating products.

5, the "deck handle" back up to open, remove the "loading film shaft" and then release the "card film cone" of the locking screw slid off the side of the "card film cone top", the protective film load "the shaft mounted film" (Be careful to make protective film of adhesive is facing the feed, place), then "Card membrane cone top" push "the shaft mounted film", the card will be tight in the protective film "loading film shaft" in the middle and lock "card film cone" on the locking screw; complete back "axis deck membrane install", and will "deck the handle" fasten down.

6, according to the thickness of product regulation, "the thickness of the adjusting wheel", generally based on the thickness of the product by 1 to calculate the adjusted scale, such as product thickness of 3 mm, while adjusting to the "2.0" scale, the minimum thickness can be adjusted by the amount "1.5" computing, such as the thickness of 1 ~ 1.4 mm the following can be adjusted to "0" scale office, both before and after adjusting the thickness of the same roll. When regulating the thickness of release, "the thickness of the adjusting wheel" on the "solid screws", tuning and then tighten the "solid screws."

7, the protective film affixed to a product, bypassing the "balance on the film roll" from the "plastic film roll over" into the feeding, rotating "manual / automatic" switch to "manual" position, will turn the direction switch to the "cis" position, to "suspend switch" open to "-" (Note: no need to suspend the case, not to "suspend the switch" off), hands straightened products, stepping down "foot switch" to make equipment operation, so that product into a balanced pressure in laminating roll out from the material platform, when the product finally edge into the "over film roller" and release when the "foot switch" to "over film roller" stop turning, shouting a product and then continue to the next step "foot switch" for products to enter, at the same time protecting and products align very well the complex until the protective film to the product.

8, double-sided laminating, please follow the steps 5 and 7 will be installed to protect the film "downloading film axis," the upper and lower protective film for the adhesive, the protective film (pre-coated protective film) from the "roll of membrane equilibrium "off the bottom, pull to feed" off film roller "on, and then adjust the previous step of laminating products.

9, when the protective film in the laminating process found time to go the wrong side, adjustable "pressure regulator hand wheel" to roll on both sides of the pressure balance, or adjust the "balance between the protection film roll" up and down position to the appropriate location to protect the membrane walking balance, double-sided laminating, the following protective film go the wrong then adjust "a balance of membrane roll" to the appropriate balance between protective film to the next. Such as the protective film has wrinkle, please adjust the "tension regulator" to protect the film's tension moderate.

10, the direction of after use please switch to the "off" position, the "power switch" off, aside from the power outlet under the "plug."


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