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PE protective film application class

A company using the latest process equipment, high-quality chemical raw materials, specializing in the production of patented technology with the point of breaking the professional production, management PE protective film and related products category, low-pressure packaging film, PE shrink film, stretch wrap, air-cushion film, sponge paper and packaging products, and agent import and domestic high-quality PE class of protective film products, to ensure the lowest price.

PE protective film class wide range of applications, interoperability is simple, be practical products to solve the people live, work, learn, play, items in the protection, every other drug, anti-pollution problems, and Most of these devices In addition to the gel residue after Sri Lanka to prevent the secondary pollution problems, the product range, soft, smooth surface, uniform thickness, surface protection of various timber of choice.

Two products are divided into micro-viscosity, medium viscosity, and the high viscosity of three types of objects can be posts need to choose a different viscosity, and other similar products is different, our company has developed a protective film of the point of breaking technology, has made national patent intellectual property rights, which according to the different needs of consumers to make different points off distance, through the breakpoints of a tear by hand, without using any tools Jiuke neatly tear off, this is the other similar products can not. Also this product is non-toxic products, pasted part of pollution, no trace, no gel residue, safe and practical, low cost products through this, easy to operate, can be replaced in a short time, thus playing the role of protection effect.

Three broad range of applications
  (1) electric home appliances and home improvement supplies to protect
For example: computer, electrical and television screen and keyboard, remote control; surfaces to wear and tear of furniture, etc., apply protective film to prevent dust, scratch effect.

(2) the protection of public facilities
For example: public telephones, ATMs, bank passwords and screen keyboard input device, bus handrails, park seats, morning exercise equipment, etc., to prevent social groups in the use of public facilities on the bacteria cross-communication, the same time to prevent the repeated use of the wear of such public facilities.

(3) hospitals, schools, higher internal exposure but can not disinfect the facilities, such as medical equipment, teaching equipment, hotel guests to use in furniture, electrical installations, such as telephone, television, computers, and light switches, Electric remote control, operation panel, etc., sanitary facilities, such as dressing, toilet, etc..

4 PE protective film on the industry, the protection of home improvement and other timber suitable for stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, PVC profiles, windows and doors, aluminum panels, fluorocarbon plate, mirror panel, color steel sandwich, fire board, decorative panel, organic glass plate, PS, PE, PVC sheet sun sheet (polycarbonate sheet), security doors, signs, coated glass, high-end furniture, high-grade handicraft, electrical cabinets, computer casings, automotive lighting, flooring, appliances shell , instrumentation, and surface protection.

The use of protective film to protect products in the production, processing, transport, storage and use played a pollution prevention, anti-corrosion, anti-wear effect, but also protect the clean brightness of the original product, to improve product quality and market competitiveness.


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