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Film composition and operation of protective film

In the production process, the film inevitably a man-made scratches and green oil solution erosion, thereby reducing the film's life, and increase the board's repair rate, to improve the current situation, most of the existing protective film manufacturers to paste method to protection film, protective film on the face of the market, basically able to meet the requirements of circuit board, but the use of the process, we still have to pay attention to the various aspects, the first protective film to know the basic ingredients.

    1, protective film of the composition

    Surface: To prevent scratching and anti-static function, usually a thickness of 1 micron, in particular oil used in the green protective film on the surface will add some smooth surface, the current DuPont added anti-adhesive protective film layer, to avoid dust and dry broken attached to protect the membrane, the effect was very good, especially with the green oil process better.

    Adhesive layer: its a protective film and adhesive film role, is a pressure sensitive adhesive, if not much stress can increase the adhesion of its role, the pressure can be adjusted in 4-6BAR. Thickness is usually about 4 microns, DuPont's protective film is only 2 microns, very good adhesion.

    Protective layer: is the main part of the protective film is polyester film, this layer is too thick, otherwise it will reduce the light transmission rate, typically 6 microns more.

    Release layer: when the foil is removed to this level, and play the role of the adhesive layer to protect the market are using 25-micron polyester film.

    Second, the operation of protective film

    Protective film of the operation is not complicated, as long as the machine stability, and almost never create too many problems, it requires the machine reel pressure uniform pressure, speed, smooth. Drum should not be debris and gaps, overall would be roughly attention to the following matters:

    1, squeeze film, the film because the role of internal stress, lamination direction will reduce about 15 microns (24 "film), the squeeze film pressure to make short side.

    2, Diazo film lamination ago, first just develop out of air exposure of a diazo film, so that the total ammonia volatilization were laminated rear.

    3, to ensure the level of pressure reel is not a tilt phenomenon.

    4, lamination roller to be regularly polished to keep rolls clean and does not produce bubbles when laminated.

    3, Common problems and analysis

    1, lamination protective film when there are air bubbles.


    A, squeeze film too fast, uneven pressure.

    B, there is debris on the roller.

    2, lamination when wrinkles.


    A, pressure of the inadequacy of the membrane core more and more slack in the roll axis.

    B, the pressure side to side, squeeze film time as the party moved to the other.

    3, used in the solder used on the protective film for some time the small bubbles.


     A, you use the protective film is not suitable for green-oil process, recommend the use of anti-stick-type smooth surface protective film, such as DuPont 6.0L


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