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How many kinds of mobile protection films?

Protective film on the mobile phone market is now complete specifications, the conventional series is divided into four categories:

Category: Frosted posted series:


(1) specially processed to prevent surface scratches and wear

(2) viscosity silicone compound layer prevents the formation of bubbles

(3) can be repeated without leaving any traces of paste does not corrode the surface

(4) light transmission 95 has a non-reflective color display enhance the degree of the above

(5) Taiwan imported processed sheet

(6) with UV

(7) can absorb some of the direct impact to protect the screen

(8) can be effective in preventing strokes wear

(9) does not like to leave other corrosive adhesive paste

(10) secure effective protection for your products

II: High through the paste series:

The fourth category: Anti-peep paste series

Anti-peep. Only those who are on view, viewable area 60 degrees.
Glare, anti-reflective, can control the direction of incident light.
Scratch, to prevent the liquid crystal surface is scratched.
Does not affect the sensitivity of the touch-screen
Repeatable paste. Easy to install and remove.
Provide a variety of sizes, suitable for a variety of models.
Easy to cut. Can cut out shapes.
Superfine shutters (micro louver) optical technology to screen information specifically for users of 60-degree angle from the positive reading, a person can only see black screen on both sides, to protect trade secrets and personal privacy, more freedom to use the computer.

(1) all transparent, all clear surface
(2) Taiwan high-quality professional LCD protective film hard
(3) Protection of liquid crystal surface
(4) all transparent, all clear
(5) 100% of the original color display
(6) the original surface of a richer color LCD
(7) scratch
(8) multi-layer protective film formed unity
(9) do not have self-adhesive glue
(10) posted easy
(11) without leaving traces after removal
(12) can be freely posted many times
(13) can be washed
(14) stickers will not fall off after

The third category: Mirror paste series

Mirror Mask is attached to the foil on the main screen phone, the main display when the backlight goes out as a "mirror" to use. Backlight can be opened through the film normal display text and images. Let the phone into standby mirror.
1. Surface through SMART Process, wear anti-scratch, scratch 4H
2. To viscosity silicone compound layer prevents the formation of bubbles
3. Without leaving any traces, non-corrosive surface
4. Three total thickness of 0.32, using the layer thickness is 0.21
5. Transmittance above 92% dimming, effectively prevent UV
6. The mirror up to 98% fidelity
7. And can enhance the reduction degree of the color LCD screen
8. Weak adhesive, the adoption of physical adsorption can be reused after cleaning
9. Can absorb part of the direct impact, appropriateness to protect your LCD screen
10. Stylus can be effective in preventing wear and tear on the LCD screen
11. Non-corrosive adhesive, effective care of your "Love Machine"
12. Safe and reliable, does not contain any harmful ingredients


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