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How to buy screen protection film with cheap price?

Screen protection film is a transparent medium, the key raw material for the use of PET, raw materials are mainly divided into Taiwan and Korea, general screen protection film only played the role of anti-dust, are good enough to have a little scratch resistant crystal coating, can play the role of scratch, the best screen protection film is a reference into the metal elements, play a cut off wave, reducing the role of electromagnetic radiation, but also can reduce the glare produced by prolonged viewing screen, too, can be used effective protection of a computer screen, not bumps, scratches and stains cut pollution.

Building Materials

Now do a better screen protection film mainly the following brands:

Tamay protection film of China, Mirror of Love project, Anchin (Actto), Black Point (BLACK HORNS), North Pass (BETOP), Yi Li passenger (ELECOM), Yi-off (ECOSITCK), were due to (Erogtech), HORI, Maxell (Maxell ), 3, and (SANWA) and so on.


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