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PE film's Greatest advantage

PE  film with special bulk ethylene (PE) plastic fertilizer membrane substrate, a pick-linking acrylic resin adhesive to do, and then through several types of exceptional agents to help reduce farmers defeated. Of the amount of hard, sticky eliminate function better, Rong difficult to stick to expose, desks sports car shape, easy to peel together, stripping together with adhesive residue.

PE film cover the strengths of non-being covering the smallest of the products are produced by agriculture, transport, win, storage war is not kept clean using the process, corruption, scratch, maintaining the non-appearance of light net ze, since the amount of products and progressive power quality and market cooperation.

pe film cover the use of areas above: No rust steel, aluminum, aluminum Kaijin profiles, PVC profiles, windows and doors, aluminum panels, fluorocarbon plate, mirror inside plate, Beijing research firm, folders mouth color steel plate, tapping the water board, decorated inside boards, inorganic glass , PS, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows - doors and windows reinforcements, PE, PVC board Yinguang board (scattered carbonates board), attack bandit doors, this card, coated glass, the next stall wild with the next stall agricultural goods, electrical cabinets, computer case , auto lamps, Tin plate, broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, wild with the electrical enclosure, apparatus instrument, the other kinds of areas are required to maintain the product appearance of any use.


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