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How to paste the mobile protective film?

1. Wash hands, dry

2. With the flannel to wipe the side of the screen completely

3. Have not been torn by a new film on the screen is a measuring instrument to determine membrane under the margin to determine the most appropriate place (this step is relatively OK8 brand protective film is superfluous, OK8 protective film are the supporting film, no cut)

4. Using a transparent adhesive sticky side of that screen, gently stick it again to ensure that no particles filled with dust and small hair, this step can be formal if there is a need to do it again before the foil

5. Tear a new protective film, not to tear the whole, open about 1.5cm or so can be a

6. The protective film! At the beginning of a very hub of much larger margin film paste easily distorted, at the beginning can only be re-posted Debu straight posted. Film location is positive, this first 1cm length of the regular hub.

7. While the remaining torn membrane, while the card with the hard push in the outer membrane. To ensure that no air bubbles remain in the protective film's central. Bubble generation, there are two reasons, first, the poor quality of film is not smooth (very rare), the second is a screen or membrane veneer there is a small hair and dust (much to paste the screen finished films are due after the appalling second reasons)

8. Slow and patient and very slowly Zhang posted a complete membrane, the edge of the forced introduction of a number of small bubbles need to go before we can remove.


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