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Remote control protective film tips

First, install the edge of the door Jingtou film paste, effectively opened the door when the door edges to prevent the bumps, switches, paint the door most likely Diaoqi and bruised parts.

Foil structure layer characteristics
• Functional protective film - Finish coating, polyurethane substrate characteristics of
• Excellent resistance to debris hitting ability - against stoning, paint protection
• Excellent ability to anti-scratch - scratch resistant foreign body, paint protection
• Excellent heat capacity - the ability to improve lacquer heat aging
• good anti-chemical corrosion - more than the original standard thermo -
• Good weather resistance - the ability to improve the aging UV lacquer
• Transparency - not easy to change color, yellow
• High flexibility - beautiful, good Tiefu

Functional membrane coating - acrylic pressure-sensitive layer characteristics
• moderate initial viscosity - easy construction
• super-paste strength - long-lasting protection performance
• Tie Fu is good, can be used for the complex plane - excellent removable nature of
• Reduce consumption of construction - excellent transfer properties of the anti-plastic loading
• No glue residues, easily updated
Foil method: (direct attached, can be used repeatedly)
A: formation of the local foil method: quote before membrane clean place to quote, the better to quote than the size of the membrane. The Protective film cut into a circular shape of each corner. If there are posts on the use of local grievances Heaters heat it up a little the film, hand pulling can be gently tied quote!
B: home phone, desk phone paste method: first, cut the appropriate size, then paste the following methods, which posted the best result.


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