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The produce of automobile's sunshine protective film

Sunshine protective film before and after the windshield of the entire posting tips:

First, the CD membrane selection membrane model, in the original car glass Measure the length of the glass bottom, from the middle of planning based on expenditure of glass the width of the (extended 5-10cm), attention to film direction, the length of the glass corresponds to the long side of membrane , the width of the glass corresponds to the direction of cutting film wide-brimmed film, film long side there is shrinkage, while the broad-brimmed no.

Second, cleaning the glass Tsubouchi plus two or three drops of finger-size flexible non-hazardous substances in cleaning agents (mainly played the role of cleaning and lubricating) plus water, shake. In the filmed glass to the outside need to spray on the right amount of water, steel scraper or plastic scraper to carefully clean the glass block again to remove the dirt on the glass, in the sprayed with water, with special Wiper plate before and after the block again cleaning the glass. If you do not clean the glass on the baked protective film, when heated become soft film after film with the scraper on the glass blowing things left behind in the imprinted membrane. Even though these imprinted membrane has also posted up can not be eliminated, thus affecting the quality of foil, beauty and clarity.

Third, pre-baked protective film plastic film opened with the teeth biting edges to distinguish between the protection film side. The protective film side facing up, and the balance spread over the glass, lay off more than the part (in black edges off the glass as a standard). From the middle of the upper and lower on both sides of the membrane to the average separation of two broad-brimmed air bubbles out with the average separation of the upper and lower sides. Wiper plate with the middle part of the water, scraping the dry, be careful not blown bubbles on in order to prevent scraping off the membrane, in the middle part of the first wiper, role is to shape, so that Sunshine protective film will not move, and the average of the membrane, like the bubbles separately on both sides is conducive to baking membrane.

Fourth, baked protective film similar to the size of the bubble is divided into equal parts. From easy to difficult, from small air bubbles before baking, baked small bubbles after the bubbles into smaller big to bake, baked film when the attention of roasted guns heating temperature and film degree of distance or velocity can be used to adjust the speed temperature. Roasted bubbles should be evenly heated so that the bubble and membrane edges may be appropriate to put the gun aside 1-2 minutes to bake, so that both sides of shrink film can only be Calibrating. Side of the membrane side of the roast degree of attention to film shrinkage, wrinkles appear when the film-like contraction, with a scraper scraping in the end, if not sure when the bubbles too, can handle film healing Calibrating using scraper. Baked film can not be a bubble when you stay on too long, so as to avoid overheating. When the temperature is too high, ranging from the film scorched, heavy glass is burst. This is not to the car glass spray bottle of the fragile glass. I tolerance hawkers selling plastic spray bottle to give the reasons, he a look of innocence: five dollars before trading. However, an empty glass bottle behind him to grasp the last water to prevent the glass can not afford to stimulate the lead blew.

Fifth, after trimming baked a protective film more than make the side cut, the former windshield rear-view mirror, we should cut up from the dark side of 2mm opaque on it. Glass cutting edge requirements: straight, flat, Qi.


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