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How to check the quality of test protective film

Will cover the end of the protection film coated plastic inside the silicon film to take a combined stripping-type test together, will mask the opposite side of the fire rubber coated pinch exert oneself open to take rubber glue stick to open with loose thin days, ran the first pushed together, pay attention to get glue glue between the plastic stretch silk was not super-power at least 0.2 mm (using the look up to is simply a rendering plastic wire), office chair, so, when the protective film is being used that can will definitely be a great degumming.

Its owners, maintenance PVC inside the thin film degree is also the main, because it close to a solution of the impulse to maintain the power of the film suffered. In order to mask the thickness of the common right-left-9 wire is appropriate. If the birds have short, marriage is a problem, spouses do not want to consult, the thin mask adds a considerable degree of lunches can be will be beaten off, against the reduction of agricultural objects. Test whether the thickness of the mask together with the 1000 feet. With dual-gang measure, feet touching the right is not difficult to control, due to a head collected for the 7-wire right-left paths and try to read Jiaogan sensitivity of non-easy to reach. None has been said that with the balance of each Shen Shu quality, better wardrobe, its really the top of the cover film of paper plastic fire fighting fat thickness is different so it easy to accurately grasp. The thickness of silk mask detection of nine fruit of its opposite, by coating a layer of plastic fire, so when reach the 11 wire shall prevail, rather than the non-mask by the sub-quality glue 9 wire. No degree with a thin mask detection of any reference to the following steps to Peter and so on. The initial re-examine a trial on the mask of toughness, since the years after the film has a small degree of circular bent on going against pull-tear, and then circle back from the mask width of the vertical push the tear, the fruit no more mask against the war is not the same longitudinal toughness. Good toughness of its battle to extend the degree of flexibility is better impact resistance will be weak; toughness is good, fat is difficult Caine tearing, impact the power of the like. The natural mask is too hard, pe protective film applications, are also more than a little push QU Yan and easy expansion, easy to carve the pattern deformation capacity of a rare light patterns carved real, will be a definite proportion of decency, shock force Yehao . Look forward to when the film is being carefully selected to maintain the brand, track plant products which are not blindly seek cheap.

Initially the initiative of the user idle time with the purchase, do not die of merit and less, as the euphemism for season, temperature, dry-degree change, can affect the maintenance of the amount of quality films. Cover film should not be exposed to the sun, nor should Meng Chao, optional pass majestic at suitable resting place.


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