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The use of protective film to extend laptop life

1, the beginning of the new machine to make
Newly purchased laptop computer users should be aware is the first battery. Just started using a new battery when the electrical characteristics and the use of a period of time after the performance to differ materially, mainly reflected in the charging process will appear premature end (the phenomenon of false full), and washed after electrical power is not a lasting end.

As we all know, these problems can be repeated by the user full charge / discharge to be improved in order to obtain the best performance of the battery. To note that although the new battery can be charged directly brought to use, but if the user at the beginning of improper use, the battery performance tends to reach the highest level. In the post you just get a new machine, please do not just charging the battery, due to laptop makers at the factory would charge a small portion of the battery power to carry out functional testing, so you get a notebook computer, or have a certain remaining capacity, and ask you to first open the notebook computer's power, will I put a clean electricity, and then to recharge. The general practice is the first row for the battery charge and discharge three times before we can allow the battery to fully preheat, the real potential to play a performance.

Said here refers to the charging and discharging of the battery is full of user needs / discharge operation of the net, remember, must be filled, put a clean, and then filled with, came alive again in a clean, so to repeat 3 times. Then you can use a normal battery. Some notebook computers have been set in the BIOS there are the battery calibration feature, users can more easily take the right laptop battery for regular maintenance in order to get the best battery working condition
In addition, for newly purchased laptop, its screen is very fragile because, manufacturers tend to paste a layer of protective film-screen in order to achieve the purpose of protecting the screen, this layer of protective film before use is needed Jiediao, because if you do not Jie will seriously affect the image display screen. In the exposing process requires your attention, and some of the computer screen protection film paste very tight, at the time must be slower to expose some, along a corner of the screen, step by step tear off protective film. Do not force too much, too fast to avoid damage to the screen, so that premature aging of yellowing. Here to remind users of notebook computers for Jiexia Lai screen protective film, it is best not to throw away, Retention in the future maintenance of useful, specific practices will be re-introduced later.

For the intimate details of the user, you can also look for some screen protection film and make their own decorative plastic paste-like foil material, such as easy to wear attached to Satisfy the location to better care of your love machine . A similar design, we like the Sony, Acer and other details of some of the most emphasis on the use of laptop computers can also be seen above. In actual use, we recommend that you try not to take watches, bracelets and other items to use laptops, because it is very easy to inadvertently, severe wear wrist rest, giving laptops shed Daodao scars. In addition, select a high quality laptop bag is also very necessary. After all, for most notebook computers is that they were born to be brought brought in the appropriate laptop bag naturally give their most intimate protection. This is for a new notebook computer users, perhaps more should be noted that not all laptops first wife of the package are really appropriate.

 And general office package is different from a truly well-designed notebook computer bag should first have enough strength and protection of the four sides of insulation layer, in order to prop up a laptop safe and comfortable "love nest." Ordinary office packages often due to too much room and soft frame design, outsiders can not effectively isolate the backlog, and collision. Second, it should have a reasonable accessory compartment Bureau of the design, such as power supply should be placed in the notebook computer compartment adjacent to the side in order to avoid being accidentally squeezed the power plug when the notebook LCD screen scratched. Meanwhile, the laptop computer bag should also have some waterproof capability.


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