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An introduction to the keyboard protection film

Laptop special keyboard protection film is high-grade resin system to do. Soft, light, tough, does not destroy handle ultra-thin transparent alphanumeric keyboard seen clearly in full compliance with the layout and size of the keyboard, close fit, without prejudice to the operation of a variety of liquids to prevent splashing into the keyboard while the damage to computers; dust-proof anti-dirty, one can prevent foreign matter fall into the keyboard to affect the keyboard life; can be cleaned at any time to ensure your laptop keyboard clean.

Protection film's Thermal problem:

Some friends may be worried about heat issue, the laptop's keyboard underneath a metal material. Designers also have to use the keyboard does ingenuity Liangku cooling considerations, but the use of laptop keyboard protection film does not affect the notebook's heat, because of their own notebook keycap is plastic, not possible to use keycap and human contacts between the fingers to conduct heat, and the laptop keyboard protection film itself is very thin, and will not impede heat conduction. Is it the keyboard made of designer metal floor to help the heat is ridiculous do? In fact, to put it bluntly, we all understand the mystery, because the heat can also be radiation to pass through. Designers using the keyboard made of metal floor is to quickly machine near the cpu and graphics at the heat.


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