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The advantages of protective film

PE protective film of the biggest advantages is being protected products in the production, processing, transportation, storage and use of the process free from contamination, corrosion, scratches, to protect the existing smooth glossy surface, thereby enhancing the product quality and market competitiveness . Application with all kinds of electronic products, steel profiles, aluminum, stainless steel profiles, color steel plate, aluminum plate, plastic panels.

Protective film on the market today are mainly material PET, PVC, PP, PE, a layer, double, three-layer, there are scratch-resistant, non-scratch-resistant flowers, applications have a mobile phone protective film, LCD Protector, Laptop Screen Protector , cell phones Screen Protector. digital camera protective film, protection film camera.

Protective film in a special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as a substrate, 90% humidity environment, can live a view to storage and use of a cross-linked acrylic resin for adhesive, and then processed through several special additives. nature of the soft, adhesive performance, easy to paste, easy to peel, peel-free adhesive residue.

Comparison of protective film industry is currently relatively good quality and is mainly used in digital products reach the hands of consumers after the protective effect of anti-anti-scratch performance wear stronger than other materials typically used to own the factory to avoid being scratched during transportation protection, material is thin, relatively weak protection; can choose according to their material needs. Applies to the film surface quality requirements of high turbidity values of a small light-sensitive, printing area, with excellent tensile strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical corrosion, water resistant to moisture, high definition, anti-static ability.

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